Diatomaceous Earth Mostly Made Of Silica Boosts The Body’s Immune System

diatomaceous earth reviewIt is often described as one of the best reserved secrets that Mother Nature has kept. Further still, some have described it as a sensational mineral when it comes to the health of humans. All this are the attributes given to Diatomaceous Earth or “DE” when it is in its pure and untreated form.

But what exactly is DE and what are the specific health benefits that it confers? Let us learn more about this wonderful gem that is quickly gaining recognition for its wide range of benefits to the health of humans.

What is Diatomaceous Earth?

DE is primarily made up of shells of tiny organisms that live in water known as diatoms. These diatoms then undergo the process of fossilization. Diatoms are simply plants that are the main source of food for marine life. It is when these diatoms die that their shells accumulate at the bottom of the respective water bodies in which they are found and they in turn make substantial deposits of fossilized residue that is chalky. This fossilized residue is what is known as Diatomaceous Earth

How is Diatomaceous Earth important to human health?

DE contains considerable amounts of Silica which is essential to human health. Indeed Professor Butenant, a past Nobel Laureate in the field of Chemistry was able to show that human life is impossible where Silica is absent. In 1972, he carried out further research at Columbia College where he proved that Silica is such an important nutrient that it ought to be continuously provided in our foods.

What Is The Role Of Silica In The Body

–It helps in improving the health of bones.–
While Calcium and Vitamin D are essential for the growth of bones, they are on their own, insufficient. This is because the body cannot absorb them and needs the presence of Silica for proper absorption to take place. Furthermore, Silica also helps in the process repairing damage to bones as well as the re-mineralization of bones. This is because Silica helps to hasten the curing of fractures as well as reducing scars at the point where a fracture has occurred.

–It helps improve the health of the heart and lungs–
Silica is known to fortify blood vessels thus hindering the effects of heart disease. Indeed studies reveal that DE helps remove the plaque that accumulates in the arteries and veins thus keeping them supple. For the lungs, Silica helps in the maintenance and repair of important tissues as well as helping the lungs defend themselves from pollution.

–Helps in boosting the immune system–
Silica is a necessary component for the body to be able to make antibodies which fight off foreign matter that invades the human body. Examples of these foreign bodies include allergens, viruses, and bacteria.

–It helps stop untimely skin sagging and wrinkling.–
You will be interested to note that the reason why wrinkling and sagging occurs with age is because of the degrading of the connective tissue. Indeed, the body needs the connective tissue to be in a healthy state in order maintain the skin as well as internal organs.
Silica does an excellent job in supporting the connective tissue and should thus be considered by all those wishing to stop the early sagging of their skin.

–That said it is important to note that DE exists in two forms; Food and Pool Grade.–
Only food grade should be used for the purposes of human health because it is highly regulated and contains only specific amounts of some minerals. When taking it, add a tablespoon to water, foods or juice. For best results it should be taken two to three times in a day. Diatomaceous Earth has no dangerous side effects and can therefore be used by anyone. However it is strongly advised that anyone wishing to start it should consult their doctor just in case they have some intolerance to it.